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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 1, 2013 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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hugo! (whistles) (whistles and taps) ♪ alfredo? what happened? (breathes unevenly) pow. (resumes shoveling)
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♪ hey. hi. i was hoping i'd find you here. i wanted to give you something. oh, thank you. no, thank you-- for dinner and everything. i... (inhales) you're right. being understood is an underrated pleasure. let me give you my home phone number... (takes off pen cap) in case you ever make it back to the states. you never know. you might wanna give me a call. i might. (kisses)
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good-bye, patrick. good luck with your decision. you knowone thing-- going back doesn't have to mean going backwards. it can mean moving on. ♪ (waves continue crashing)
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(cell phone rings) abbott. (sighs) hey, g-man. i'm ready to come home. wow. that is good news. but on my terms. is that clear? and when we get back to the u.s., i want a meeting with whatever powers-that-be to make clear that those are the terms. i'm sure we can work out something like that. and i want lisbon there. why? lisbon's there, or i don't do it. and if you say she's gonna be there and she's not, i will make it clear to your bosses that i will work with any f.b.i. agent except you. you'll have done all the work to get me, and get nothing for it. do we have an understanding?
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what time do you want us to pick you up? i'll let you know. i got something i got to do first. (indistinct conversations in distance) franklin? (lowered voice) patrick? how are you? good. i'm very good. uh, i need your help. you said that danny otero was buying some heroin from some vietnamese dealers. you should have nothing to do with danny otero. me? no, of course not. i'm not going anywhere near him. do you know if he's already made the buy? no. no, vietnamese guests only check in this morning. excellent. i need you to find out three things for me. (exhales) i can find out anything. first, when will the deal happen? second, what room will they be in? what else? uh, yes. uh, when the vietnamese will be eating. no problem. they never eat. always in the bar. excellent, franklin. you're very good. very, very good. thank you. (hangs up phone) (vehicles passing in distance) (children shouting in spanish) no, just...
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(kisses) ♪ good afternoon. sorry for the interruption. uh, i assume one of you speaks english. i do. patrick jane. pleased to meet you. what's this about? i know you're drug dealers. i don't judge. i'm wanted for homicide myself in the u.s. what i want to discuss is a mutual acquaintance-- danny otero. (clicks tongue) what about him? well, i thought i should warn you. he's flipped. he's working as an informer to the police. he's teamed up with an f.b.i. agent named abbott. how do you know this? well, i'm working with abbott myself on a different deal. that's how otero's name came up. if you have any business with danny otero, word to the wise--
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you might want to be careful. see ya. (phone rings) abbott. i'll be in room 1443 in 15 minutes. here in the hotel? i'm having a little good-bye drink with some friends. just identify yourself at the door, and they'll come get me. (hangs up phone) (knock on door) yes? abbott. f.b.i. excuse me? abbott, f.b.i. didn't patrick jane tell you i was coming? one moment. (sighs and speaks vietnamese) (speaks vietnamese)
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(speaks vietnamese) did you sell us to the police? what? (speaks vietnamese) did you sell us to the police? no, no, no-- (shouting in vietnamese) the feds are right outside. (shouting in vietnamese) you think you can get away with this? (shouting continues) the hell with this. all right... i'm telling you, i'm not-- f.b.i.! don't move! don't move! put your hands on your head. put the gun down. (sighs) dejo esa. ahora. good job. all right, now everybody get down on the ground. down on the ground. al suelo. en el estómago. (sighs) huh? ah, that's nice. very nice. the only question is... where's patrick jane? (handcuffs clicking, indistinct conversations) (cap clicks)
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(clears throat) abbott, what happened? (chuckles) you set this up. you're the one who knocked on the door. my terms. i need you to read them and sign it. we can work with this. excellent. sign it, please. (taps on back) all right. five more copies. sign those, too, please. they're for you. (chuckles) i keep the original. all right. let's go. ah, one second. (indistinct conversations) now we can go. (chuckles)
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cho. ha! you never cease to amaze me. i got him from here, guys. so you joined the f.b.i., huh? yeah. finished training at quantico five months ago. wow. look at you. congratulations. thanks. yeah. it's this way. okay. al(inhes and exhales) where are your socks? uh... i don't know. did they put a chip in your neck? not that i know of. why do you ask? ah, you just don't seem too happy to see me. i am happy to see you. i just wish it was under different circumstances. why is that? i don't think you and the f.b.i. are gonna get along very well. i don't think they really understand how you operate. ah. they'll loosen up once they get to know me. mm-hmm. second door on the left.
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(indistinct conversations in distance) (chuckles softly) hey. hello. (chuckles) nice beard. thank you. thank you for the letters. oh, i missed you. i missed you, too. (both exhale) what's going on, huh? why am i here? you'll see. it's gonna be great. what? trust me. (chair clatters) (door opens) (abbott) all right, let's get this started. (door closes) (file clatters on desk) jane... these are the charges pending against you-- homicide, obstruction of justice, aggravated assault, grand theft auto, etcetera. you're looking at 20 to life. but all of that can go away if you agree to serve as a consultant for the f.b.i.
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for at least five years. you will be under my supervision, on federal parole, which may be revoked at any time at my discretion. you screw up, run away, do anything that i don't like, and you'll be in the jailhouse. sign, and we have a deal. interesting. hmm. as you're aware, you have already agreed to some terms. i didn't agree to those. i signed indicating that i read them. same difference. no, it's not, believe me. firstly, no parole. i'm a free man. and secondly, lisbon has to work with me. hey, hello? well, you won't need lisbon. i've already assembled a team to work with you. oh, that's not negotiable. i have a job, okay? i'm not gonna drop everything just because you suddenly decided to come back. w-we'll talk. there are some other stipulations-- easy stuff. i'm sure we can figure them out.
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but none of this applies. this-- i don't think you're hearing me, jane. you are on u.s. soil now, i am the federal government, and i am telling you that that is a napkin. this... is the deal. take it... or leave it. i'll leave it. oh, that's too bad. you made a mistake, but, hey... (door opens) kim? agent fischer. kim? agent fischer. agent fischer. (abbott sighs) mr. jane will be going to a detention suite. i'm sorry to hear that. i'll make the arrangements. oh, yeah, i'm not fussy. if you have one with a view, i'll take it. if not, uh, whatever, as long as i can make some tea. who is she, and what is a detention suite? don't worry, lisbon. it's all under control.
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i was sleeping. right before we went around the bend. i kind of woke up, the train started to tilt, and it went flying off, and i got thrown back and forth, and it came to a halt, and there were people screaming. >> screeching metal and flying debris. a deadly bloody scene for passengers aboard a derailed
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commuter train in new york. good evening. i'm bruce leshan. >> i'm kristen berset. bruce johnson is off tonight. tonight the question for federal investigators is whether it was excessive speed, mechanical problems, or human error that played a role in the derailment of a commuter train in the bronx. the train came off the track as it was rounding a curve. four people died. more than 60 were injured. the data recorders have been recovered. >> reporter: a seven-car metro north train jumped the tracks sunday morning with the first car coming to a stop at the water's edge. the derailment happened on a curve section of track in the bronx where the harlem and hudson rivers meet. >> we started to make a loud shifting noise, like with the tracks, and the next thing i know, two people from across the train come flying at me and fell on top of me. >> reporter: about 100 passengers were on the train traveling from poughkeepsie, new york, to grand central
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terminal. police divers searched the water to make sure no one was thrown in from the force of the crash. >> on a workday, fully occupied, it would have been a tremendous disaster. >> reporter: more than 60 people were hurt. several are critical. fire crews used air bags to lift up portions of the train and free trapped passengers. they also cut away parts of the cars to get people out. the crash happened a half mile from another derailment over the summer. officials are looking at speed as a possible factor. >> we have not spoken to the conductor. we anticipate inter viewing the train crews in the next day or two. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells cbs news the operator told first responders he applied the brakes but they did not function. >> thousands of people are bracing for a complicated monday morning commute. amtrak, whose trains run along the same rail lines, says delays can be expected.
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police are blaming icy pavement for a massive chain reaction crash in massachusetts that ruined the trip home from thanksgiving today for a whole lot of people. more than 70 cars piled up along interstate 290 in worcester. authorities say a tractor- trailer fish tailed and crashed, setting off a whole series of other collisions. the wrecks closed both sides of the interstate and sent more than 30 people to the hospital. state police had been urging travelers to stay off the roads and avoid central massachusetts. well, the panda cub at the national zoo now has a name. people voted, and they have chosen bao bao for the 100-day- old panda. >> that's neat. that's what my wife and kids voted for. 00 days marks a big milestone for a baby. surae chinn was there for the celebration and the naming
11:55 pm
ceremony. >> now the moment you've been waiting for. >> reporter: after more than 123,000 votes on-line, baby panda has a new name. bao bao means precious, or treasure in chinese. >> we were thrilled. that's what we voted for. yea bao bao! >> reporter: folks voted for the name. >> i voted for milan because i think that's a really pretty name, but i still like bao bao. it's a very cute name. >> reporter: six-year-old madison has been learning chinese in school and says she is happy about the new name.
11:56 pm
>> i think it's a great day. we have a very good name for the baby panda, and everybody is so excited. >> reporter: visitors who want to see bao bao in person will have to wait a little longer. zookeepers are predicting sometime in early january. so for now we'll have to rely on the panda cam. >> it's not for lack of trying. she's been taking her for little field trips, but it will just be a little bit longer. bao bao is very fitting. she's a treasurer. at the national zoo, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> such a cutie. if you just can't bear to miss bao bao's next milestone, you can download the zoo's smartphone app for $1.99 and watch little bao bao on the live panda cam on your phone all the time. >> you've already downloaded that, i take it. >> i'm working on it.
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the washington redskins had yet another chance to impress on a national stage. five prime time games, winless coming into tonight. unfortunately, bruce, they're still winless. let's head out to fedexfield. dave owens is there. heart break for the redskins. >> reporter: yeah, you know what, guys, i wish i was on panda watch tonight. it would have been better than what i saw behind me on this gridiron. it was ugly. an ominous feeling here. about 15 minutes before the game a lot of empty seats here at fedexfield. now, it filled up, but, listen, i get it, it's a holiday season, late game two, teams with losing records. but it equaled a real small crowd here tonight. let's take a look at the video. it was not pretty if you're a burgundy and gold fan. redskins and giants, no playoff hopes. really just playing for pride. but boy did washington get it started fast. two out of their first three drives they found the zone, including this bullet. washington led 14-0 but the
11:58 pm
giants responded two scores right before half time to tie it the at 14. second half not pretty to watch but the giants taking advantage of a washington special teams blunder. imagine that. and andre brown smashes this one in. the redskins spark early, but then they fizzle. the giants win it 24-17, and the redskins fall to 3-9. all right, guys, that's the story here at a very empty fedexfield. we're going to have a lot of stuff for you in "game on overtime." mike shanahan will be speaking, robert griffin iii. santana moss with some gut wrenching things to say after this loss. that will do it for now. giants win it 24-17. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, dave. bummer for the redskins. >> panda more impressive than the skins. >> most definitely. a scary moment on the metro early this morning. a gun was fired on board the orange line train just after 2:00 a.m.
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police say two men got into an argument which resulted in one man hitting the other on the head with a gun, causing the weapon to fair and break a window. an officer got on the train and arrested the suspect. the other man was taken to the hospital for non life threatening injuries. thankfully no other passengers were injured. you are not going to believe this, kristin. the spirit of giving shattered in ward 7. a guy stole holiday donations intended for needy people. the thief broke into the salvation army offices on martin luther king jr. avenue. ken molestina says the crook made off with at least ten grand. >> that's the money order somebody dropped into a kettle. >> reporter: it's not the way we're used to seeing the red salvation army kettle. these have been cracked open. >> they didn't take many of the coins. >> reporter: administrators at this salvation army say a suspect or pair of suspects
12:00 am
broke into their building along mlk junior drive through a third floor balance cope knee. they tell us whoever did this knew exact wall they were looking for. >> they broke the window for one office, they gained access to this office, and they systematically went kettle to kettle picking out any of the dollar currency that was in there which could be dollars, dollar bills, 5's, 10's, 20's. >> reporter: that suspect headed to the doors in a mad dash. it was at that point that we're told he encountered a security officer who pulled a knife on that person, then took off running. >> they took upwards of $10,000. >> we're estimating the minimum to be $10,000. >> reporter: cash was taken not only from the red kettles but also from a safe which stored donations from the previous two days. it was all money intended to help needy families in ward 7 this holiday season. >> i can't say what it is, whether it's hard times or what it is, but still to rob from the poor is kind of crudey. >> reporter: what due make of
12:01 am
the notion that this person knew where they were going, that they either worked here or knew someone who worked here and had good information as to where to go find this money? >> i don't want to guess about that. we'll leave that to the police to figure out. >> reporter: we're told police are looking at surveillance cameras but so far have come up empty in the way of any arrests. in southeast d.c., i'm ken molestina, wusa 9. >> that is just rotten. in the past year the center has helped more than 4,000 families in ward 7 and 8. police want you to call them if you have any information. a bizarre crime in seattle this weekend. a man tried to steal a ferry boat. the president of clipper vacations was in his seattle office when he saw the $8 million boat leaving the dock. he called police once he realized it wasn't an employee at the helm. the vessel was about 300 yards from shore when police hooked up a tugboat and climbed aboard. police say the man was alone on the ferry, a ferry which holds more than 300 passengers.
12:02 am
police say speed was a factor in the fiery crash that killed actor paul walker this weekend. the 40-year-old star of the "fast and furious" movies was a passenger in a porsche that struck a light pole and a tree before it exploded into flames saturday. police say both walker and his friend behind the wheel died instantly. >> roger backed into it the garage, and paul got in and said, hey, let's go for a drive. so this is what happened. >> they were trapped, and employees, friends of the shop, we tried. >> walker had been attending a fund-raiser just before the crash at a charity he founded for philippine typhoon victims. well, december is here. pretty mild start. would can we expect come monday? >> fairly nice day today, but
12:03 am
let's go over to erica grow in the weather center. >> we're going get another fairly mild start tomorrow morning. so just as we're turning the calendar over to december, which is supposed to be colder, we are actually going to see some milder weather moving in. make sure you still have the coat handy. let's take a quick look back at november. we had some big temperature swings in that month. you can see we had 10 days of temperatures in the 30s and 40s, much below average. 50s and 60s, that was 17 days, the bulk of it. and we had three days in the 70s. overall we were about three degrees below average for the month when you add up all those temperature differences. waking up tomorrow morning a few clouds at 5:00 a.m., 32 to 40. partly cloudy skies at 7:00 a.m. 28 to 34, so some areas dipping below freezing, but within the beltway we should stay rate around the freezing mark or even above that. so you need the winter coat but you don't need to bundle up as much as perhaps you did earlier
12:04 am
on last work week. coming up i'll tell you more more about this temperature trend which is on the up and up. back to you, kristin. >> thank you so much. erica. still ahead, what's being done locally in the fight against aids on
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